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Niagri are able to tailor your machines to suit your conditions, whether its a Dewulf harvester or a piece of Miedema equipment. We manufacture a range of options to fit Dewulf harvesters including cleaners, progress rollers, catwalks, canopies, toolboxes, extra cameras, monitors & much more. We can also help you get the most out of your planters, graders and storage equipment.


We feel you get a personal service when dealing with Niagri. We are well known for our fast service response and where possible we will assign you with the same technician. We hold a vast range of stock at our base in Norfolk, so we are ready to support you from day one of your investment.


We now offer a full range of services, from sales to parts and support for both Miedema & Dewulf products for England & Wales.


Please contact us for more information or visit the Dewulf and Miedema websites below.

Dewulf & Miedema - The Perfect Partnership

Another complimentary dealership


Niagri are pleased to announce the addition of the Miedema range of farm machinery to their product portfolio. As part of their dealership restructuring in Western Europe, Dewulf & Miedema have awarded Niagri Engineering the sole dealership for England and Wales covering both brands. Niagri, already importers of the Dewulf harvesting range, plan to gradually will take over from Miedema Mercer who currently hold the dealership for England and Wales.


Niagri have been the Dewulf dealer in the area since 2001 introducing the brand to the UK and have added bespoke modifications to the harvesters enabling them to excel in wet, difficult conditions that often mar the UK harvest. Now with the addition of the Miedema range of cultivators, planters, graders and in store equipment, Niagri are able to offer machines to cover much more of the modern growers machinery requirements.

Backed by an efficient, knowledgeable service team, Niagri are looking forward to being able to extend their customer base and make the Dewulf and Miedema brands the leading choice for vegetable farmers.


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