Maize loader unfolding
Maize Loader
Maize loading
Maize camera control panel

Maize Loader


Leave the soil at the field and cut down on transport costs.


Niagri Maize loaders are designed to transfer crops from field trailers to bulkers at the field side or headland.


Loading at the field saves on unnecessary logistics, and prevents mud and debris on the road.


The machine is built for business, with a heavy duty construction and an output of 200tph. The unit is hydraulically foldable for quick and easy movement between sites and features a wide hopper intake for ease of loading and scraper chain, to prevent build up.


The levelling door controls the height of the product to maintain a constant flow though the machine into the bulker  With various hydraulic controls, the machine can be levelled, the axle can be raised and lowered to aid loading, but can also be raised for transport.


A hydraulic end section, combined with a discharge sock, minimises spillages.


The machine folds up in minutes ready for transport and features a LED lighting system.



This machine is suitable for the following crops:


  • Maize


Machines manufactured to order.

Specifications to suit customer requirements.

  • Heavy Duty Construction

  • Output in excess of 200tph

    • (Dependant on logistics)

  • Hydraulically foldable unit for quick easy transport

  • Wide intake hopper with scraper chain

  • Levelling door to control height of crop

  • Wide heavy duty elevator

  • Hydraulic controls throughout, including raising and lowering of axle

  • LED lightng system