Storage Technology from Miedema

After harvesting them, you want to store your potatoes in as product-friendly and efficient a manner as possible. You get the best results using easy-to-operate storage machinery from Miedema. Product sensors regulate the capacity of your storage line fully automatically - no more manual handling. This optimises product flow continuously. 


The chance of damage is minimal because of the limited drop heights and a continuous potato flow, with product stacking on product correctly. You maintain the quality you want! 



Experience the convenience of perfect storage. Miedema storage machines are easy to operate using a well-organised control panel, and are very accessible for maintenance. The result is a longer service life for the machine. Our machines have proven low maintenance costs and energy consumption, so you get the best return on your potatoes.


You can easily see which storage machines best meet the requirements of your operation. The many variations of cleaning modules, conveyor belts and filling options mean there is always a solution ideal for your company.


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