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Bed Formers
Bed Formers
Bed Former

Bed Formers


Maximise yields by planting in beds


Single, Double and Triple Bed Formers

Planting in beds is not a new concept, it has been around for many years. Bed forming is seen as a way to build a protected, well-drained area in which to grow the crop, providing improved drainage and even germination.


Four models to choose from

The SRB, a single bed, single rotor bed former

The DRB, a single bed, twin rotor bed former

The SRBT, a triple bed, single rotor former

The DRBT, a triple bed, tripled rotor bed former


The SRB single rotor bedformer has been designed for cost effectiveness and the ability to produce a quality firm bed in lighter soils or heavier soils which have been destoned first.


The DRB twin rotor bed former has all the features of the SRB, but also has the ability to give a superior, firmer finish to the bed. This makes it the ideal choice for finer crops that require the ultimate seedbed to ensure a high germination rate.


Our triple bed formers are built for the serious grower. Available in widths from 1.45m the DRBT range has been designed with the maximum strength construction, but with the weight kept to a minimum to limit the size of tractor. Standard features include hydraulic folding, hydraulic depth control and extra heavy duty drive chains.



  • Groove markers, designed for forming various ridge patterns on the bed top

  • Hydraulic wheel track markers – available as either centre or wheel marking

  • Rear rollers, manufactured to suit customer requirements


Product Suitability

  • Parsnips

  • Carrots

  • Onions


Related Products

  • Single side depth and pressure controls for quick setting

  • Accurate wheel track setting, assisted by large front discs

  • Drivelines are protected by shear bolts. Optional slip clutch

  • Extra longevity, thanks to externally mounted rotor bearings and heavy duty head stock

  • Replaceable wear skids

  • The rear rake teeth on the double rotors are positioned to produce a firm. level bed

  • All drive chains have full oil lubrication to minimise downtime and maintenance costs






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