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Easy Cleaner
Easy Cleaner
Easy Cleaner
Easy Cleaner

Easy Cleaners


Extra cleaning built into your harvester


The Niagri Easy Cleaner has been designed to clean a wide range of root crops.  Fitting the unit into an existing machine, such as a grader or harvester can dramatically increase the cleaning capacity of your existing machine.


The unit has a series of extraction rollers. Each pair consists of deformable segmented fluted rollers. The smaller clod roller is sprung loaded to extract large misshaped objects.


The operator can easily adjust the clod roller height and rotation from a central control box. The unit can be used on a wide range of crops including potatoes, carrots, parsnips, onions, swede & bulbs.


Machines are manufactured to order, specifications to suit the customer.





















Product Suitability

  • Potatoes


Related Products

  • Very effective cleaning

  • Widths to suit existing machinery

  • Deformable rollers

  • Flute height available from 8mm to 20mm

  • Replace one segment at a time

  • Retrofit service, fit in your existing machine

  • Electric / hydraulic controls

  • Variable speed & height adjustment of the clod roller






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