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25kg Root Vegetable Polisher


Root Polish 25 - Fast polishing for a range of root vegetables


The Niagri Root Polish 25 is an ideal polisher for either the smaller grower or farm shop, who require a simple washing & polishing system for a range of root vegetables or as a sample washer for the larger grower.


The Root Polish 25 only uses clean water, therefore there is no cross contamination from using dirty water, giving the product a longer shelf life. The carefully configured brushes clean and polish the product giving a superior finish. This machine also remove minor skin blemishes, allowing the product to be upgraded.


Load the hopper with a mix of crops including carrots, parsnips, swede, red beet and salsify. Start the machine. Once the product has been washed simply lift the quadrant to unload onto the inspection table or choose from the various optional extras below. The crop can then be loaded into a crate or straight into bags with the optional bagging attachment.



















Optional Extras

  • Grading table

       - Grade samples after washing

       - 3 screen positions (665 x 445)

       - Plastic screens available in various apertures

       - Crate holding framework underneath


  • Extension Inspection Table

       - An extended table for inspecting the product after washing

       - Available with or without crate holding framework

       - Table top dimensions 1500mm x 700mm


  • Bagging Attachment

       - A simple spring loaded attachment for filling 25kg bags once the                          sample has been washed or polished


Product Suitability

  • Carrots

  • Potatoes

  • Parsnips

  • Swede

  • Red Beet

  • For washing potatoes only please see our Cleanwash 25 


Related Products


  • 5 Rows of heavy duty brush rollers

  • Single phase or 3 phase drive unit

  • Clean water washing, increases shelf life

  • Waste water discharges continuously, therefore no build-up of solids during use

  • Inspection tray & discharge tray holder

  • Simple & easy operation

  • Uses domestic size water supply

  • 2m, ½” water hose + 1m, 2” discharge hose

  • 2m cable & 13amp, single phase plug

  • Painted mild steel or 304 grade stainless steel construction



Root Polish 25
Root Polish 25
Root Polish 25
Cleanwash 25
Cleanwash 25
Cleanwash 25
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