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Poly Layers
Poly Layers
Poly Layers
Poly Layers

Poly Layers


Take the hard work out of covering your crops


Covering crops with polyethylene provides the perfect environment for germination.


Our triple roll poly layers increase productivity by laying three rolls simultaneously. The film is laid at optimum tension every time and remains in position in windy conditions.


A braking device prevents overrun when stopping. The weight carrying wheels and film wheels are independent from one another to avoid splitting the film. It hydraulically folds for transport and unfolds to a comfortable working height for changing rolls.


Machines can be supplied as a single roll poly layer, or triple roll poly layers are availble for larger producers.


Product Suitability

  • Parsnips

  • Carrots


Related Products

  • Robust British design

  • Hydraulically folds for transport

  • Independent wheels to prevent splitting

  • Film remains in place in windy conditions

  • Braking device to prevent overrun of film





Coming soon!

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