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Carrot Crowners / Parsnip Slicers

Carrot Crowner / Parsnip Slicer


Remove carrot crowns or slice parsnips easily


Carrot crowning has been a significant and costly step in food processing. Crowning is a procedure that removes the thinnest possible sliver of the carrot crown, which eliminates all traces of the green top.


After washing, crowned carrots can be immediately diced, sliced, or peeled for the fresh-cut market.


Niagri crowners are designed to reliably cut crowns from parsnips or carrots after the washing process. The machine can be easily adjusted from carrot crowning to parsnip crowning.


Operatives place the crop in the flighted belt, ready to go through the twin blades to be crowned. Immediately before crowning, specially driven brushes are used to finally position the crop for accurate cutting. Easily adjustable fingers provide accurate topping. The hinged access hoods with safety cut out switches give easy access for cleaning and maintenance.


All machines are manufactured to order, specifications to suit the customer.


Product Suitability

  • Parsnips

  • Carrots


Related Products

  • Output 1 - 2 TPH with four operatives (product dependant)

  • Individually driven belts

  • 304 grade stainless steel construction

  • Easily adjustable from parsnip crowning to carrot crowning.

  • Conveyor at optimum height for operatives

  • Easy to clean and access for maintenance 

  • Hinged access hoods with safety cut out switches for quick access






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