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Top 'n' Tailer

Top 'n' Tailers


Semi-automatic topping and tailing of parsnips


Niagri Top & Tailers are designed to remove the tops and tails from parsnips. The machine can also be used to cut a section from the centre of damaged parsnips, therefore producing less waste.


Operatives place the crop onto the flighted belt, ready to go through the twin blades to be topped & tailed.  Standard cut length is 165mm, however this can be tailored to suit the customer.



Two main configurations:


  1. Two tier conveyors  with intake on bottom belt, trimmed parsnips fed onto the top belt


  1. Two tier conveyors with intake on top belt, parsnips delivered down to bottom belt


Individually driven belts with stainless steel blades. Hinged access hoods for easy maintenance & cleaning down.


The above are the two main configurations, however lines can be designed to suit the customer.


Product Suitability

  • Parsnips


Related Products

  • Approximate output 5tph with four to six operatives

  • 165mm cut length, or to suit customer requirements

  • Individually driven belts

  • Easily adjustable to obtain the desired length

  • Conveyor at an optimum working height for operatives

  • Hinged access hoods with safety cut out switches for quick access

  •   All stainless steel construction





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