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Straw Remover
Straw Remover
Straw Remover
Straw Remover
Straw Remover
Straw Remover

Straw Removers


Remove high density straw from covered crops


Niagri Straw Removers are designed to remove straw from even the highest density coverings. The machine works by picking up the straw with the front rotor, feeding it to the large chopper rotor which chops the straw into smaller pieces, before discharging onto a cross conveyor. 


The chopped straw is conveyed out the side of the machine, ready to be incorporated back into the soil. Alternatively a side discharge elevator can be fitted to load the straw straight into trailers for re-use elewhere.


The single front spider clears the wheelings before the chopper gets to it, to aid efficient removal of the straw. Automatic depth control comes as standard, which ensures an even pickup, even in hilly conditions.


The spinners at the back of the machine clear the wheelings, putting the straw onto the next bed. The machine is very manoeuvrable, with rear steering as standard.


Controls from the cab:

  • Rear steering, left / right

  • Rear wheels, raise / lower

  • Auto depth control on the rear wheels

  • Manual depth control on the drawbar

  • Manual raise / lower on the spiders

  • Auto floatation


Product Suitability

  • Crops covered with straw


Related Products

  • Robust design

  • Large chopper rotor

  • Single front spider to clear wheelings

  • ADC (Automatic depth control) as standard

  • Double floating spiders at rear

  • Hydraulic drawbar

  • Optional elevator with hydraulic spreader

  • Rear steering

  • Electric controls from inside the cab





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