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Brush Polisher
Brush Polisher
Brush Polisher
Brush Polisher

Brush Polishers


An effective means for washing and polishing your crops


Polishing not only increases the appearance, but also the shelf-life of many tough to clean root vegetables. A carefully configured, contra rotating, brush system ensures even the most awkward shapes get polished.


No product loss even when the brushes wear. A high pressure pump and water tank has been incorporated in the machine. Easy to use and a low cost maintenance machine.


Bristle configurations are mounted on webs that rotate in a ‘banana’ like fashion with the slightly coarser brushes as the vegetable enters the machine and finer brushes on the discharge. Bristles are mounted onto extrusions so you only replace the worn sections, not the complete belt.


Output and the required finish of the product can accurately be determined by the variable speed top brush and bottom brushes. Good visibility of the product is gained by the hinged doors above the machine.


Waste water from the machine can be collected through a filtration belt and used upstream if required, reducing water consumption.


Product Suitability

  • Potatoes

  • Parsnips

  • Carrots

  • Red Beet


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  • Output options from 8tph

  • Low maintenance

  • Heavy duty drive (no belts or pulleys)

  • Removes minor blemishes, allowing product to be upgraded

  • Good visibility of product 

  • A total of 6 heavy duty bearings means maintenance costs are minimised

  • Water recycling & filtration belt options available

  • Painted mild steel or 304 grade stainless steel construction






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