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Cyclone Destoner
Cyclone Destoner
Cyclone Destoner

Cyclone Destoners


Remove stone & clod prior to the washing process


Niagri Cyclone Destoners are an effective way of removing stone & clod prior to the washing process, preventing high maintenance costs on downstream machinery.


High Output

High output centrifugal stone separators are available up to 4m diameter, giving high capacity outputs up to 60tph. The hopper is filled with water from the bottom, creating a tornado like effect. Gravity enables stones and debris to fall to the bottom, while the crop floats to the top. A rotary paddle creates surface flow to discharge the product via an output chute.


Manufactured from heavy gauge steel to ensure long life of the hopper, which can also be lined with a durable polyurethane for even longer lasting wear.


Trash removers, dewatering & water recirculating machinery also available.


All machines are manufactured to order, specifications to suit customer requirements.


Product Suitability

  • Potatoes

  • Parsnips

  • Carrots

  • Red Beet


Related Products


  • 10-60tph output

  • Diameters to suit customer requirements

  • Very efficient

  • Heavy duty construction

  • Twin synchronised drive on elevator

  • Outrigger bearings all-round

  • Hydraulic flushing door

  • Variable speed

  • Optional pintle belt trash remover

  • Optional chute liner for longer wear

  • Painted mild steel or 304 grade stainless steel construction






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