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SNIPCut Parsnip Cutter
SnipCut Parsnip Cutter
SNIPCut Parsnip Cutter
SNIPCut Parsnip Cutter
SNIPCut Parsnip Cutter

Parsnip Cutter - SNIPCut


Improve operator performance by up to 200% compared to hand trimming!


The SNIP Cut is a semi-automatic parsnip cutting machine which increases efficiency of manual labourers on parsnip processing lines.


Reduce Fatigue

The machine always presents the operator with an empty handling pocket and at the optimum height to prevent fatigue.


Uniform cuts eveytime

The foliage is controlled and presented to the trimming blades. Close attention has been paid to the blade design to ensure a uniform cut everytime. The tail is trimmed using blades developed and proven on our highly successful carrot cutter, the Carro‐cut


Robust Machinery

As with all Niagri products, the SNIP CUT has been designed to be robust, simple to operate and maintain. By using the latest production techniques, combined with high quality components & materials, the SNIPCut will prove to be a worthy addition to your plant.


This machine can be supplied as a single unit or with various in feed and out feed solutions.



  • Lined "no bruise" chute to deliver finished product from trimming unit to finished produce conveyor

  • Custom unit heights

  • Chute to deliver foliage trimmings to an optional waste conveyor

  • Handling packages to suit smaller diameter parsnips or shorter trim lengths

  • Picking off, finished produce and waste conveyors available to suit


Product Suitability

  • Parsnips


Related Products

  • Robust British design

  • Formatted to handle 35‐80mm diameter parsnips

  • Blades set to cut parsnips to customers requirements

  • Foliage blades set to trim foliage length to less than 2mm.

  • Gas strut assisted lift up door for easy cleaning and maintenance

  • Counter display indicates number of parsnips cut

  • Tail trimmings discharged onto picking off conveyor

  • Foliage trimmings fall underneath the blades into a collection tray





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