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Hydro Cooler
Hydro Cooling
Hydro Cooler
Hydro Cooler
Hydro Cooling
Hydro Cooler
Hydro Cooling

Hydro Coolers


Reduce crop temperatures down to 2⁰C


Rapid cooling (precooling) soon after harvest to remove field heat from produce is essential for obtaining maximum shelf life. Hydro cooling is considered one of the most effective means of cooling a wide range of fruits & vegetables. Cooling produce not only enhances shelf life, it also ensures that just picked freshness that consumers demand.


Niagri Hydrocoolers are manufactured to suit your requirements. They can cool products down to just 2⁰C. A range of in feed & out feed solutions are available with variable speed drives so you can control your cooling requirements.


Produce is fed into the self-contained tank and the product is submersed in cold water. Water passes over the refrigeration coils to cool as it rains on the produce below. The rain bars help to maintain consistent & even temperatures inside the chamber. The product is then discharged for unloading. 


Introlox® Belts

Machines are manufactured using food grade Intralox® modular belts for ease of cleaning and are available in mild steel or stainless steel.


Product Suitability

  • Parsnips

  • Carrots


Related Products

  • Cooling capacities of 5 - 40tph

  • 15 – 20 minutes dwell time

  • Temperature reduction to 2⁰C

  • Can accept loose product, bins or crates

  • Self-contained tank with gate valve drainage

  • Electric variable speed drives

  • 2 Recirculating pumps

  • Food grade Intralox® belt system

  • 304 grade stainless steel construction






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