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Buffaload Robotic Palletiser
In-feed Solutions
Buffaload Robotic Palletiser
Specialist Conveying Systems

Buffaload Robotic Palletisers


Reliable, consistent stacking


Today, anyone that wants to see profits increase needs economical solutions that save time, space and money, which is why at Buffaload they use KUKA robots to ensure your production statistics can go only one way!


Buffaload robots are smoother, faster and incur less wear and tear than almost any other system. With unrivalled reliability that extends the time between service visits to ‘years’ it should be no surprise that KUKA robots regularly attain a production availability of over 99%.


Buffaload robots are especially adapted for palletising and other pick & place duties. Even your best employees can’t compete with a Buffaload robot;  The robots are developed especially for high-speed tasks with heavy payloads. The leaner design of this 4-axis robot also brings savings in maintenance and servicing, while high added value and rapid investment payback.


















Presenting the product to the stacker ensures accurate stacking everytime. We manufacture various in-feed solutions to present your product to the Buffaload robot including bag kickers, bag presenters, roller tables & more. We carry out an initial site survey to determine your requirements, then work closely with you to ensure you obtain maximum productivity from your robot.


Product Suitability

  • Potatoes

  • Many other products which require stacking


Related Products

  • Simple, easy to use

  • Smoother, faster - less wear and tear

  • Guaranteed production consistency

  • Always available - never lets you down

  • Fewer moving parts - less to go wrong

  • Works in compact / tight production spaces

  • Future proofed - works and grows with you

  • Handles even the highest production requirements

  • Overcome manual handling issues






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